The Rescaped | n°20 : the Ambivalent Carafe

CHF 19.20

Small carafe, of 7dl, cut on the bias from a bottle of burgundy. Lightweight, it is easy to hold and adds a touch of pep to a table runner during festivities. For the more indecisive, the Ambivalent lends itself to the game; sometimes carafe, sometimes vase !

This product is handmade in our workshop in Fribourg. As each bottle is unique, its colour or shape may vary slightly from the photos shown.

RESCAPED: no logo / scratch, photo to support.

Features :

Colour: brown-yellow
Dimensions: H 20,5 - 22,5 cm
Opening diameter: ∅ 4/3 cm
Volume: 7 dl
Weight: 400 - 500 gr

Delivery time: packages are sent every Thursday by B Mail. In case of need, do not hesitate to send us a note when you order.

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