The Rescuer | n°3 : Vase the Flâneur

CHF 16.80

In the same vein as Le Bombé, this small vase has been created from a bottle of wine such as Burgundy or Champagne. Smaller but with a more flared base, it allows you to create beautiful compositions. With a diameter of 5cm, it is ideal for small to medium sized bouquets.

This product is handmade in our workshop in Fribourg. As each bottle is unique, its colour or shape may vary slightly from the photos shown.

RESCAPED: big scratch, photo to support.


Features :

Dimensions: H approx. 21 cm
Opening diameter: ∅ 4,5 - ∅ 5 cm
Volume: 7 dl
Weight: 500 - 750 gr

Delivery time: packages are sent every Thursday by B Mail. In case of need, do not hesitate to send us a note when you order.

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