Upcycled swiss glassware

SINCE 2020

SINCE 2020


Objects with a pure and unique design : shapes, sizes or shades may vary from one to another.

That's our way towards zero waste.

How does it work at kulô?

Bottle collection and sorting

Firstly, thanks to partnerships with bars, restaurants and individuals, we regularly collect large quantities of bottles. Each bottle is then sorted according to its weight, size and shape in order to determine if it can be transformed into a product, and if so, which one.

De-labelling and cutting

This is a long and tedious process: the label on each bottle is removed by hand and with water as often as possible! After that, the bottles are cut one by one by batch of products of the same type.

Sanding and polishing

Each future product passes through the kulô workshop, one by one, in our hands, several times, to undergo the sanding stages until the final product is shiny, soft to the touch or pleasant to drink.


Engraving, wrapping and packaging. It takes 3 seconds to say and yet it is a rigorous step that sometimes plays tricks on us! Indeed, a fragile product deserves special attention before arriving at your home. Thank you!

Add great care and a pinch of clumsiness, now you know how kulô is born.

Looking for a unique

Les Expatriés

Les Expatriés are unique or limited edition products created mainly from spirits bottles or bottles with surprising colours. A new selection is put on sale every month, to discover on instagram or here after!  


You have a bottle that you like or that is linked to a memory? Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or on instagram, we will have the pleasure to transform it according to your desires and our possibilities.

The kulô workshop is open by appointment

The workshop is open from Tuesday to Friday. If you would like to visit us or see the products, please send us a message and we will be happy to welcome you.